A Tale of Two Humans                             (In Development)

Set once upon a time on the remote Irish island buffeted by relentless Atlantic storms,  a simple peasant couple long to have a child in a universe that seems to be conspiring against them. Having already delivered three stillborn babies to the childless couple, the old midwife scolds the disconsolate Man that one more pregnancy could be fatal to his wife. Despite him giving up the notion of ever having a family of their own, his devout and loving Wife is still willing to try again, leaving it up to God's will to provide. Feeling cursed over their plight in life, the Man suddenly senses a shift in the universe when a forsaken infant enters their lives only to destine them to tragedy and myth.  

 ©2013 Joseph Nobile

Photo by Derek Smyth - All rights reserved       www.dereksmythphotography.com

While waiting out the storm en route to the island monastery, Brother Arthur relates the tale of Niall and Aibhlinn to the two young novice friars.
As the midwife tries to stop the bleeding from yet another stillborn, Aibhlinn pleads with a disconsolate Niall to let her hold her dead baby.
After a fruitless visit to the old island doctor, Niall and Aibhlinn spy the coastline littered with scores of black stingrays as skittish islanders seek answers to the bad omen from the venerated island seeress.
Enjoying a cache of Porter found floating in the sea, Niall shares his lingering desire for a son with an English fisherman who offers him a proposal to end his woes.
During a crisis of faith, Aibhlinn buries the family cross and statues as Niall woefully looks on.
Niall has an epiphany as he watches an ecstatic Aibhlinn suckle the mysterious dead woman's newborn on the strand.
A horrified Niall spies the islanders huddled on the strand around the shallow grave of the mysterious woman.
A shocked Niall and Aibhlinn discover that they have drifted back to the other side of the island and to the Ghost Village.
Amidst the raging Atlantic squall, the friars sorrowfully watch as Niall wails clutching Ambros's body as a grieving Aibhlinn tries to comfort him.
With the boatman's young son clinging to her side, a frantic Aibhlinn calls a dog-tired but resolute Niall back to shore as he makes an ill-fated bid to rescue the boatman out at sea.

                    All Illustrations  by Rebecca Solow - All rights reserved   www.rebeccasolow.com

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